------------- [ LYON : City of 69 ] -------------

Here I shall present my new project, nothing big or conceptual about it.. just think it'd be nice to do something related to what I enjoy seeing.. I mean, gosh I really like it here but with so little time left... I'd draw as much as I can, post the sketches up here when I have the chance to do so. Then I'd make flash games etc. Hope that before I leave I'd be able to ask the art class to take part in an interactive whateva with my drawings and mini-me's. Wish me luck!

As for the artistic aspect of this project I think it's more about recognition, how people see this city, the landscapes, etc. and how they react to them.. I mean it's all the same.. talk it up yall.

Last note, just to clearify the use of 69.. one has to understand not everything I say or do relates to sex, it's just the postcode.. okay!?

All drawings are pencil on A4 waste papers.. lol

5e Vieux-Lyon
3e Part-Dieu
2e Bellecour
4e Croix-Rousse
2e Perrache
1e Hôtel de Ville