Spray Painting Project

Gray Panels
The colour gray builds up layers of surface that support the next colour to be applied.
The Booth
Frames in frames all framed in square. The mixture of pigments, fumes, and fluids tingles my vision.
Painting Squares
Each panel is 30 square cm. During the course of display, they can be rearranged freely.
Durable materials become the insufficent support. Paint has not its permeability -- detached and thus ephemeral.
An object to be disposed of. Painted, displaced, and damaged, its original function no longer exists.
Colour Index Foyer
An installation consisting of 2 horizontal lines of 6cm-square painted surfaces that suggests the merging of 2D and 3D experience of space.
Studio Colour
Use of different types of the paint medium on different means of supports. Collage in situ yet anti site-specific.
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