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2007 - Painting Elam
HSIAOHUI's Excessive Video Documentation
03-05/2007 Spray Painting Project
Gestural and intimate, paint connects the surfaces and me.
Quick links: Gray Panels |The Booth | Painting Squares | Duraball | Tapeball | Colour Index Foyer | Studio Colour
2006 - Should i call it art?
  City of 69
There's just so much beauty in the world, sometimes I feel I can't take it...
2005 - Did I do anything interesting?
03–09/2005 One-Sex-Fine Studio Work
So hey, had some good moments there in the studio, but didn't get much done eh... haha
07/2005 "That's All Folks" - Emerging Artist Series
A public solo show?! Sounds cool.
02/2005 "Dream Land" - A Magnetic Installation
Should be put under 2004 but whateva ya know..
2004 - PAIN401 Overview
10/2004 "9 Portraits" - Interactive Magnetic Portraits
Last show at uni and everyone seemed happy. Also see: Colourful Magnetic Sheets
09/2004 The Ultimate Personality Quiz
Life is shit eh, find out why!
  The Ever-Flying Bird
Flash isn't as complicated as it seems..
08/2004 "Doll Life" - An Installation of Interactive Magnetic Paintings
From the crazy "The Painting Show", should have talked to that guy! Also see: Section View
07/2004 Studio Installation
Expensive magnetic paints! Also see: Mini-Me's Close-Up's
06/2004 Fimo Toys
Let's get fimo-playing..
05/2004 Mini-Me Paintings
Awful things exist everywhere...
2003 - PAIN301 Overview
10/2003 "Mega-Mini-Me" - An Installation of Me.
After staying a couple of nights there, and making acknowledgement of his co-existence... Happiness grew inside of me. Also see: Mini-Me's; Faking It
05/2003 "Untitled" - An installation of painted colourful squares (6cm²), placed and patterned to merge from the gallery corner to impose a different view of the environment.
I was drunk >_< Also see: Studio Work
Simply because I love making web pages
  PAIN201 2002, Life-Drawing 2002, Christchurch 2001