Waiheke Island Day Trip
12/1/2010 Gabrielle and Hui finally got together and did what good mates do.


HA! Finally, after two years of living in Auckland and hearing all about Gabrielle's great plans of visiting the North Island... She's here and has been staying with relatives on the Waiheke Island, which is only a short ferry ride away north of Auckland city. The weather hasn't been great in town but we've decided to give it a go anyway. It cleared up right after I stepped on the ferry, or perhaps it was simply the geographical distance that made the difference. The beaches on the island are great, nice soft sand, clean water, blue sky etc. and etc. all and all reminds me a bit of Sumner Beach in Christchurch, except that the population on the island is impressively dense. There is a full range of different house types here on the island: villas, modern super houses, artistic cottages, hippie bangalows, and the list goes on. Every hill you turn there're full of houses and installation art works around -- which can sometimes be a bit annoying. But at least there's no state houses on the island so that makes the island still quite attractive. We had lunch at Gab's cousin's place, an organic and spiritual wonderland (oh, sorry I don't know how else to describe such a lovely house), and actually spend most of the time there since it was basically too hot to go around. Later we walked on the beach for a bit, and poor Gab lost her hair band.. and somehow got her big toe cut open from we-don't-know what.. So yea, was such a great day catching up with a good mate and a lovely day indeed!!