12-20/2/2010 Chinese New Year in Christchurch

In the Golden Tiger year, we shall learn to hunt and eat lots of meat, hence the kebab and eel-catching. Was horrifying having to kill those gluy things @@b well, was good. Spent a lot of time tidying up the house, don't think I will be back there in a while.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2010 is the Year of a Golden Tiger, which begins on February 14, 2010 and ends on February 2, 2011. The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac. It is a sign of courage. This fearless and fiery fighter is revered by the ancient Chinese as the sign that wards off the three main disasters of a household: fire, thieves and ghosts. On New Year's day itself, it is beneficial to celebrate, to be happy, to have smiling faces, and to refrain from scowling, quarreling, or criticizing anyone.