Special thanks to Charlie for your generosity xx.

29/6-5/7/2010: Ying-Ting taking a break from it all..

Photos collected from Ying-Ting's and mine cameras.

Quite a spontaneous trip I have to say. Ying-Ting notified me a couple of weeks before she arrived, without much hesitation I volunteered to be the tour guide to show her just how cold it can be in winter even just in the North Island.
[Day 1] Auckland City; Mt Eden, Mission Bay, Sylvia Park.
[Day 2] Auckland CBD; Queen St., Elliot, Skytower, Viaduct.
[Day 3] Driving; Hamilton City Mall, Hamilton Garden, Tirau, Maori Village experience.
[Day 4] Rotorua; Horse trekking, Wai-o-Tapu et al, town, hot springs.
[Day 5] Driving; Jet boat in Rotorua, Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Auckland.
[Day 6] Relaxing; Shopping in Auckland.
[Day 7] Early flight back..
So there, Ying-Ting, I hope you had fun!!