November & December; Fun times in Taipei, the most populated city in Taiwan, where people have nothing else to do but shop 'til you drop

14/11; First stop in Taiwan
I arrived in Taiwan at 4.30 in the morning, duh. Seriously, there was nothing much to do. So I waited at the airport, trying so very hard to get wifi but failed. With no where to get a sim card, I was stuck there for an hour and a half just to get the first bus to Taipei City. Oh Taipei. It's a very nice city, clean, safe, convenient and inexpensive. Only thing though, is that I find people there lifeless. They are not human, they are machines.

Locations: Taipai Main Station, Bade Rd., Huashan Creative Park, Tapiei Fine Arts Museum, Japanese Kitchen
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7-9/12; Sight-seeing and shopping
The starting point of my home away from home voyage. I tried to plan ahead but nothing went according to plan! So I figured that I might as well just relax and let go.. and see where it would take me. But did you know that in Taipei you cannot eat or drink in the MRT station? Sorry about not going via Shinchu my friends, I really tried my best, and it was so nice that I got to see some of you before I left. xoxo

Locations: MOMA Taipei, 忠孝敦化, Brother Hotel, 政大, 信義區, 貴婦百貨, 阪急百貨, 誠品百貨, 台大商區, 士林夜市, 汐止
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