November & December; Eating and more eating in Chiayi

25-29/11; After four years!
A'Bae and A'Hmm are still doing well, happy and healthy.
I really don't know what to say, I had a great time there. Did some shopping with Helen, bought three pairs of shoes, choice! Was very delightful even though I stayed at home most of the time, but it was sweet as!

Locations: A'Bae家, Da姊家, 圓寶油飯, 路邊咖啡廳
Tag: A'Bae, A'Hmm, Da姊, Helen, Yoyo, 小Pooh

14-25/12; Not for another four years!
Came back to Chiayi after touring around the East Coast to do some health checks and stuff. Yeah, stuff. Again, had a great time. So very well-fed, gained a couple of KGs to go back to Taichung for my going away pa.. cheers!

Locations: 東市場, A'Bae家, Da姊家, 瑪格KTV, 石頭火鍋, Chiayi Train Station
Tag: A'Bae, A'Hmm, Da姊, Helen, Yoyo, A'Ju姊, 2哥, 2嫂, 小伯, 小Pooh