November & December; Around and About Taichung, the most habitable city in Taiwan

15-24/11; Hello Taichung!
The first week in Taiwan I was buried in paper work, which consisted of reclaiming my residential status here in Taichung, the city I had not lived in since 1998 but a place full of childhood memories and youthful dreams; getting my ID card, Health Insurance, and driver's license so I could start zooming on the streets on the cute 50c.c. bike. mint.

Locations: 西屯區公所, Carrefour, 東海夜市, 西區黃昏市場, 梨子咖啡館, 宏恩三巷咖啡館, 中港新光三越
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30/11-5/12; Salut les amis!
After recharging in Chiayi for a few days, I was ready to come back to Taichung and get in touch with old school mates and discover the city I had not known well. Taichung had changed so much - new sectors developing, apartment buildings that seemed to get taller and taller, and the new city hall that'd shifted the city centre to where it is now, which in a way abandoned the once glorious train station area where I as a teenager used to walk around on a Saturday afternoon..

Locations: 中港新光三越, Tiger City, 綠蓋茶, 望高寮, 逢甲夜市, 台中市政府, Amuse, 苗栗100牧場, 科博館, 植物園
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25-31/12; Au revoir tlm xx
I thought I would spend my final week here in Taichung, just chill and do nothing. So I ended up frequenting my beloved papaya milk and tea places... yum yum yum.

Locations: 綠蓋茶, 逢甲
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