18/12/2010; Tainan


It was very cold in Chiayi. I of course arrived at the train station early but the train was delayed for half an hour so I just took the local service but missed my stop cos I fell asleep.. got off at Bao-An and took the train back to Tainan.. Over all, it took about 2 hours, probably the longest ride in history between Chiayi and Tainan.

Then there was Kevin and Tom. Kevin was one of the first Taiwanese friends I made when I first arrived in Christchurch. So it must have had been ten years since we last saw each other! Though we went to the same uni too but I guess I just got a bit arty farty and failed to do much together anymore. Anyways, it was absolutely awesome seeing him again! It was just such a great feeling to feel young, happy, and free again! This day out in Tainan didn't come easy, and it turned out to be such a pleasant experience :)

Locations: 赤崁樓, 安平古堡
Tag: Kevin & Tom



And since this trip didn't come easy, I tried my luck and got in touch with Lilian!!.. Yes, Lilian from the CHC Casino! Can't actually say I have any fond memory working there but did meet some really nice people :)

We just walked around town and visited the famous university and of course took a lot of photos. It's a Taiwanese thing.

Lilian tried to show me food around since it's what it's all about in Tainan, but o my poor stomach was still in pain and didn't have the fortune to enjoy such pleasure.. But I will be back, I will!

Thank you all I had such a good time in Tainan and I really loved the place!

Locations: 遠東百貨, 成功大學
Tag: Lilian