"C'est au moment du malheur qu'on s'habitue à la vérité, c'est-à-dire au silence." - A. Camus. La peste, p.110, Folio n°42.
You are now in HSIAOHUI's personal zen zone!!

Hui in PAIN the website was first constructed in 2003 during my third year at Fine Arts Studies. Many thanks to the exceptionally self-directed nature of the programme at Canterbury (or as many Aucklanders refer to as 'Ilam School of Fine Arts'), I as a painter could fully embrace the magical thrill of the World Wide Web and had since developped a long-lasting relationship with my online identity. PAIN in capital letters refer to painting, though other connoations are also suitable considering my - as some may call a rather 'cynical' - view of life. Oh life!

Many years has gone by and Hui has changed from in pain to hip (of course). With this comes a painful annal bill of a hundred bucks just to keep it alive. Oh but with the advance of the social media nowadays who really needs a website? And yes, this website is rather one-way. Although I consistently emphasise on the importance and my intense desire to communicate in my practice, I nevertheless couldn't care less what three-little some may have to say about what random thoughts I have.

So hey, this is HSIAOHUI - or not. I try to update and change (meaning hiding the embarassing past) as frequently as I could so it stays user-friendly (considering I am most likely the sole user of this site). Any change is a good change, so there you go.

Last updated on 13/1/2012